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Appleton Wiske is a small village which lies some 10 miles north of Northallerton and dates from Saxon times. The path of a Roman road runs close to the village and Appleton has always marked an important crossing of the River Wiske, from which it takes its name. The Parish has an electoral roll of 390 people who live in 190 houses and farms. Roughly 85% of the population live within the village boundary.

Although now largely a commuter village for Northallerton, Darlington and Teesside, Appleton Wiske still remains an agricultural village with many farms within its parish boundaries. However, 200 years ago linen production was the main industry in the village. Both spinning and weaving were undertaken, with the weaving usually done by the men in separate sheds and spinning being undertaken by women at home - some houses retain the 'spinning windows' which concentrated the light on the wheel.

Many of the linen weavers were non-conformists and there were three chapels, Wesleyan, Primitive Methodists and Congregationalists. Only the former remains as a place of worship today. The decline in the linen industry resulted in the creation of the Mechanics Institute whose aim was to bring education to the working classes and boasted a library of 700 volumes in 1871. It continued to serve the village until the early 1970's when it was sold and the proceeds went towards the new Village Hall.

The village has always been known for its community spirit, with the villagers being responsible for the development of a village hall, the acquisition of a communal minibus, a recreation field with a children's play area, a skateboard park and many other projects.

There is a wide range of properties within the village ranging from the older cottages through to a modern housing estate and including privately owned houses, housing association properties and sheltered accommodation for the elderly.
Appleton Wiske Spinning Window
Spinning Window
Appleton Wiske Rideges and Furrows
Ridges and Furrows
Appleton Wiske Smithy Green
Smithy Green
Appleton Wiske Church Walk
Church Walk
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