Friends of St Marys Church

Something new to look out for in the churchyard! (from the Friends of St. Mary’s)


Friends of St. Mary’s, Appleton Wiske 2020

‘Friends’ was set up in 2016 to preserve and maintain St. Mary’s so it can be regularly used, both by us and for generations to come.  People have worshipped in this church since the 12th Century, and it provides a constant and instantly recognisable presence in our village and the wider community. It is part of our heritage and part of the rural scene, we hope to encourage the wider community to help us achieve this.

Funds raised by ‘The Friends’ will contribute to the preservation of the fabric of The Church and help with the maintenance costs of fixtures of special importance. Our aim is to share a commitment to our parish and local community through friendship, care and service to others.

People love our church. It may be where they worship, but it is also a symbol of the local community, past and present, and a place for weddings, baptisms and funerals. A ‘Friends’ group provides a means for local people, who may or may not be part of the worshipping community, to be involved in supporting what is an important building for them.

In the last four years we have held Summer Afternoon Teas; a Wedding Dress exhibition; talks on Local History; Quiz Nights; Hog Roasts; Christmas Concerts; Gospel and Folk Concerts; welcomed the Military Wives choir in collaboration with the Y.C.A; and decorated the Lych Gate with hundreds of hand-made knitted and crocheted poppies!

This year because of the current situation our planned events have sadly had to be cancelled or postponed. However, we are still here, and have plans to update the internal and external lighting at the church and make the churchyard more wildlife friendly.

Both of these schemes are part of making St. Mary’s more environmentally friendly and help us work towards a national Eco-Church award.

This summer new noticeboards that have being funded by ‘The Friends’ will be hung in the newly renovated porch.

If you would like to know more about what we are planning, or would like to be involved in our projects in any way please contact one of our committee members:

Sarah, Dan, Georgia, Sheila, Megan, Janice or Sue

Every church needs Friends

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