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220202 Recruitment and Selection Policy – Staffing Committee final draft 2nd Feb 2022 220222 Clerk Application Form Staffing Committee final draft 2nd Feb 2022 [pdf) 220202 Recruitment and Selection Policy – Staffing Committee final draft 2nd Feb 2022 (Word Document) Clerk Job Description Staffing Committtee final draft 2nd Feb 2022 Clerk Job Description Staffing Committtee final draft 2nd Feb 2022 220202 Person Specification Clerk Staffing Committee final draft 2nd Feb 2022.docx 220202 Job advert Clerk RFO Staffing Committee final draft 2nd Feb 2022

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Neighbourhood Watch

Have you been sold or offered these stolen rings?

Police are appealing for witnesses who may have been sold the pictured rings or seen them for sale recently.

This is in relation to a theft of two rings of great sentimental value that have been stolen from a vulnerable victim who resides in a care home in the Hambleton District.

The first is a wishbone type ring in a yellow metal.

The second is a diamond cluster ring. These are both items of significant sentimental value.

We are requesting the public’s assistance to help and identify if they have seen either of these rings for sale on social media or local selling sites in the last few weeks.

Anyone with information that could assist the investigation should contact North Yorkshire Police on 101, select option 2, and ask for Charlotte Lancaster. You can also email

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can pass information to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Please quote the North Yorkshire Police reference number 12220079140.

Appleton Recreation Association

Appleton Recreation Association

Do you enjoy using the playing field or the children’s recreation area, mugga, skate park or even the tennis courts?

It is the ARA who are responsible for all these areas including the upkeep, grass cutting etc. We pay for all of these areas through the 200 club, each of the numbers cost just £20 for the year and we do 4 draws per year.

As we now have 20 spare numbers we are looking for some new members who would like the opportunity to win £250 four times a year and at the Xmas draw the 1st prize is £500

Please come and speak with Jackie in the village shop to choose your number.

Without the support of the whole village we could lose all these fantastic facilities.

Think “Widen” Burglary Prevention Campaign

87349_N1.jpgOur research shows two thirds (67%) of people are worried about their home being broken into, yet there are simple, proven measures we can all take to reduce our chances of becoming a victim of burglary by up to 50%.

To help you be and feel safer at home, we are running our Think WIDE(N) burglary prevention campaign (1st-31st March), highlighting the simple, evidence-based WIDE measures which can be taken in any home on a variety of budgets.

At Neighbourhood Watch, we also believe neighbours keeping an eye out for each other is key to reducing burglary, so we’ve extended the WIDE acronym to WIDE(N):

  • W: WINDOWS: Keep your windows locked
  • I: INTERIOR: Put inside lights on a timer/smart bulb
  • D: DOORS: Double or deadlock your doors
  • E: EXTERIOR: Put outside lights on a sensor
  • (N): NEIGHBOURS: Keep an eye out for your neighbours

To learn more about WIDE(N) and burglary prevention measures, visit

John Hayward-Cripps, CEO of Neighbourhood Watch Network, said ‘It is not okay for two-thirds of people to fear being burgled. More needs to be done to help people be and feel safer, and when it comes to burglary, prevention is always better than cure. Since 1982 we have been supporting communities to feel and be safer. We know that by securing your home’s windows, interior, doors, exterior and keeping an eye out for neighbours, we can all give ourselves the best chance of not being burgled. If you have been burgled recently, criminals are familiar with your home and may come back once you’ve had time to purchase new items. Act soon to avoid being retargeted – use the WIDE(N) advice for a combination of simple yet effective prevention measures.’

We have joined forces with our longstanding primary smart security partner, ERA Home Security, to bring their expertise to our Think WIDE(N) burglary prevention campaign. We are excited to invite you to some events this month:

  • WEBINAR: WHAT DOES SMART SECURITY MEAN FOR MY HOME? 10th March, 5-6pm delivered in partnership with ERA – booking opening soon on
  • ASK THE EXPERTS DAY: 16th March on our Facebook / Twitter / Instagram channels – an opportunity to learn more and discuss burglary prevention live with ERA experts and Neighbourhood Watch

Village Library

A  good team effort has produced a temporary library  in the Bus Shelter.

Especial thanks to Angela Sellars for sorting the books and stocking the shelves.

Please use the facility but please do bear in mind that it should not become a dump for books that should really be recycled!

Its success will depend upon us all playing our part and respecting the very simple instructions displayed on site.

We hope to make it a permanent feature. The only stipulation from Broadacres, who own the Bus Shelter, is that we will have to dismantle it if the Bus Service is restored. As it is over 30 years since we had the last bus I think it will be safe.

There is a wide cross section, including children’s books and puzzles etc, on offer.

Village Parking Problems

Pavement Parking has been a problem in the village for some time.

Causing an obstruction on the pavement can make it impossible for invalid vehicles, pushchairs and children walking to and from school to avoid having to walk on the road. It has recently been reported that tickets have been issued for vehicles obstructing the pavement in Great Smeaton, a situation which could also arise in Appleton Wiske.

Please avoid parking vehicles on the pavement and allow pedestrians and others to pass easily and potentially avoid having to pay a fine for having created a problem for other residents.